Residential Radon Mitigation

Although radon gas is present throughout Virginia, Fredericksburg has been identified as an area of particular concern by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA recommends that all homeowners in Fredericksburg, Virginia have their properties tested for radon and implement radon mitigation measures, if levels are found to be high. Radon poses a significant health threat.

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Commercial Radon Mitigation

Business owners in Fredericksburg, Virginia may be concerned about elevated levels of radon within their commercial premises. Discovering that you have high levels of radon within commercial premises can be a blow for any company. You may have to halt production and ask staff to stay away until radon mitigation measures can be implemented.

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Waterborne Radon Reduction

Most often radon is talked about as a gas, which is harmful when it is inhaled. Therefore, it may surprise you to learn that radon can enter homes within the Fredericksburg, Virginia area via the water supply. Waterborne radon contamination has the potential to be extremely serious. Radon is cited as a common cause of lung cancer, second only to cigarette smoking. If your residential water supply is contaminated with radon, your family’s health could be at risk.

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Air Purification Systems

The average person spends a massive 70 percent of their time indoors. It is, therefore, not surprising that the quality of the air in your Fredericksburg, Virginia home or office is important for your health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, much of the air you breathe indoors contains bacteria and micro-organisms which can be harmful to your health.

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Services For Realtors

If you want to sell a residential property in Fredericksburg, Virginia, you will find the internet and lifestyle magazines bursting with advice on staging your home to attract potential buyers. While curb appeal is important, buyers will also be interested in aspects of your home that cannot be seen, such as the level of radon within the property.

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