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Thursday, April 18, 2013 @ 05:04 PM
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Fredericksburg Radon Mitigation Need

HUD Fredericksburg Radon MitigationIf you read the article posted by S.W.A.T. Environmental last month, then you are probably aware of the heavy need for radon mitigation in the Fredericksburg area. In case you are not aware, it is now mandated from HUD that all multi-family homes financed through HUD must have every unit tested for radon gas. Any unit returning high levels of gas will be required to have a Fredericksburg radon mitigation system installed.

The reason there has been a big push for testing and mitigation is the number of annual deaths from this gas. As the second leading cause of lung cancer, cigarettes are receiving more and more competition as being one of the most dangerous things for your lungs. Killing more people annually than drunk driving, now is the time we must take control of this gas and our health. Do not let this gas run amuck in your Fredericksburg home, you must take action.

Fredericksburg Radon Mitigation

You can handle this gas through having a test committed in your home. The reason a test must be done first is that this gas may or may not even be present in your home. Testing is so important because this gas is odorless and colorless, meaning the only way you can fully determine whether or not you are at risk is through having a test. Make certain that during testing periods you have the doors and windows of your home shut as much as possible in order to receive the most accurate results.

The two types of tests you can have area short term and a long term test. The short term test is preferred by many and it will provide testing results in less than ten days. The long term test will take a month or longer to complete, but it does boast slightly more accurate results. Regardless of which test you choose, you will have to be ready to take action for your Fredericksburg home.

Fredericksburg radon mitigation may be needed if your home has high levels of radon gas. If your levels are low, then no action may be required. Regardless, it is important that your Fredericksburg radon mitigation company is local to the area and capable of providing you with the necessary mitigation.

S.W.A.T. Environmental is local to the Fredericksburg, VA area, and we have decades of experience. We will be able to reduce your levels by as much as 99% through our proven techniques. Our professionals will pinpoint the source of radon gas, and appropriately install a mitigation system. You will hardly notice the system is even there with our low profile techniques and design. We always offer a free quote, and are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Do not wait any longer. Keep your home in regulation with HUD guidelines, and have a local Fredericksburg radon mitigation company protect your home.

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Causes of Radon Lung Cancer in Fredericksburg, VA

Radon Lung CancerThe result of radon lung cancer in Fredericksburg, VA is typically caused by not treating a home that has high levels of the gas. Tenants who rent their homes or apartments often do not want to pay for long term repairs and solutions for a home or apartment they may not live in the following year. This is why so many multi-family homes are a breeding ground for radon lung cancer.

Fortunately, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, will be improving the lives of many of those in the Fredericksburg area, and everywhere, who rent their home or apartment. HUD is making it mandatory that all multi-family homes that are financed through them must have a radon test. Additionally, any home returning high levels of gas are required to have a mitigation system installed.

The American Lung Association is pleased with the efforts completed by HUD in making the area a much safer place, and helping us reduce radon lung cancer throughout the nation and the Virginia area. It is dually noted that not only will a radon reduction system remove this gas, but it will also help with the ventilation of the home, and reduce the amount of moisture throughout the home.

Avoiding the Risk of Radon Lung Cancer in Virginia

Fredericksburg, VA residents may or may not know of the full dangers of this gas. For starters, it makes up approximately 15% of all lung cancer cases, making it the second leading cause of lung cancer. All of these cases amount to roughly 21,000 annual deaths because of this gas in America alone. The gas cannot be seen or smelled, making it impossible to determine whether or not you are truly in danger without a test.

Radon gas forms in the ground naturally from uranium. As uranium breaks down, the byproduct is the radioactive gas known as radon. As this is a gas, it may enter the smallest of spaces and make its way into your Fredericksburg home or apartment. One popular entry way is through the water supply. As the water supply may become contaminated, there really is no way you can avoid your home from being infested with radon without an air purification system. With the help of a specialist, your Fredericksburg home can be as safe as it once was with a radon reduction system.

S.W.A.T. Environmental would like to work together with HUD and the American Lung Association in improving the overall quality of life and health of citizens in Fredericksburg, VA through properly installed mitigation systems. We feel that our efforts combined can make this area a much safer place for tenants, and homeowners alike. Regardless of the state of your radon situation, we can provide the mitigation you need with our years of localized experience and knowledge, and help you avoid radon lung cancer.

Thursday, February 7, 2013 @ 07:02 PM
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Radon Mitigation in Schools for Fredericksburg, VA

Radon Mitigation in Schools in FredericksburgOne of the most important things we can do is make certain that our schools in Fredericksburg, VA are safe for all of our students. No matter your view on politics, we can all agree that children are the future of our nation, and that we need to treat them accordingly with educational, and safe schools. The truth is that we have turned a blind eye to a serious threat at our schools. One out of every five schools has high levels of radon gas, which means many children, teachers, and faculty are at risk of being diagnosed with lung cancer.

Radon gas is responsible for 20,000 deaths each year in the form of lung cancer. 70,000 schools are estimated to have high levels of radon gas, meaning that there are millions of teachers, students, and faculty that are at risk of being diagnosed with lung cancer, and possibly dying. If we want to take control of this issue, we need radon mitigation in schools in Fredericksburg. This will provide the mitigation we need to ensure that our schools are safe for everyone.

So how do high levels of radon gas get in all of these schools? In Fredericksburg, VA, radon gas forms from the uranium in the soil. As the uranium breaks down, radon gas forms, naturally. From there the gas may enter by infecting the water supply and entering that way. Radon may also enter through the building foundation as it can fit through the smallest of spaces. Regardless, the gas can quickly affect a Fredericksburg school, and without the proper mitigation, every child, teacher, and faculty member is then at risk.

A Bill for Radon Mitigation in Schools in Fredericksburg, Virginia

In order to help reduce the risk in schools, a bill is being proposed for radon mitigation in schools. Fredericksburg residents need to do all that they can to help make sure that this bill passes. Whether it is writing members of congress, writing local politicians, or even speaking to members of the school or school board, we need to raise the awareness of the threat this gas has. The only reason one would assume as to why there is nothing in place in regard to this gas is probably because no one is aware of the dangers this gas has, or to the extent that it is affecting schools.

S.W.A.T. Environmental is trained and specializes in radon reduction to properly ensure that your school or home in Fredericksburg, Virginia is safe through radon mitigation. Radon mitigation can reduce the levels of gas by as much as 99%, so having a specialist do the work is important. There are still great odds that your Fredericksburg, VA home has high levels of gas, so be sure to test your Fredericksburg home, and advocate for radon mitigation in schools.

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Radon Action Month for Fredericksburg, VA Residents

Radon Action Month VirginiaLiving in Fredericksburg, VA is a great place to raise a family. With excellent schools, and family atmosphere, you may think that your health and safety is secure. This could not be any farther from the truth if you have not had your Fredericksburg home tested for radon gas, and a mitigation system installed as needed. Radon gas may seep into the smallest of spaces, and dramatically affect the health of you and your family.

Radon gas forms from uranium in the soil beneath your home. As the uranium breaks down, radon gas is formed. Radon seeps into your Fredericksburg home through the foundation and water supply. Even the building materials of your Fredericksburg home may have high levels of radon gas, leaving you in serious trouble.

January is radon action month which is the perfect time to take action for your health. During radon action month, you can easily find something that can be done to protect you and your family’s health. Do not let another day pass without scheduling an appointment with S.W.A.T. Environmental.

How to Take Action in Radon Action Month in Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg residents need to test their home first in order to determine whether or not they are at risk of this dangerous gas. Only once you have your test results will you be able to be sure whether or not your home has radon gas. If your home has high levels, you will be able to know that you need a mitigation system installed on your Fredericksburg home. If your levels are low, no action is required, and you only have to reschedule a follow up test in a few years.

If your radon gas levels are high in your Fredericksburg home, you need to contact S.W.A.T. Environmental. We have decades of experience, and are the nation’s most trusted radon mitigation company. We are local to the Fredericksburg area, meaning that we know how to properly handle mitigation situations that are specific to Fredericksburg. If properly installed, we may reduce your levels by as much as 99%. Do not delay your health, and start action during radon action month with a new mitigation system from S.W.A.T. Environmental.

Even if your Fredericksburg home has been tested, and has a mitigation system installed, you can still do your part, and still save lives this radon action month. Spreading the word about the dangers of radon gas is an effective way to save lives. Many people have heard of radon, but are unaware that it kills 20,000 people each year. Take fifteen minutes this month to share the dangers of radon gas with your friends, family, and neighbors. Remember that your neighbors may be at a greater risk of radon if your home was affected, as they live right next door to you. Take action during radon action month in Fredericksburg, and save the lives of your family and friends.

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Radon, Lung Cancer, and Fredericksburg, VA

Radon Gas Mitigation VirginiaIn Virginia we often hear about the growth of tobacco. As a child we are quickly educated to learn that tobacco causes lung cancer if inhaled in the form of cigarettes. We are even told not to worry about radon gas, as it often has stronger connotations with northern states. Both of these statements are turning a serious issue into less of a concern for many Americans, causing a health disaster.

Radon gas is found across the United States, and comprises 16% of all lung cancer cases. This means that whether or not you have even touched a cigarette in your lifetime, you may end up with deadly lung cancer sooner than later. In addition, because of the mentioned connotations about radon gas and cigarettes, we often do not realize how big of a risk this gas actually is to our health. Radon kills 20,000 people every single year in the form of lung cancer.

Radon gas is radioactive, and we all know that radioactive material causes cancer. We have raised our concerns and taken the appropriate action for Microwaves, and X-rays, as we try to innovate new designs that decrease our exposure to these radioactive items. Unlike these other health concerns, radon gas somehow ends up out of the main stream media. Despite this, if you talk to any doctor who has dealt with lung cancer patients, you will quickly hear the concern and danger of radon gas.

Radon Gas Mitigation in Fredericksburg

In Fredericksburg you need to take extra care, as due to the area, you may be at an elevated risk for radon gas exposure. In order to dramatically reduce your risk, consult with a professional how you can have a radon gas mitigation system installed. A radon gas mitigation system will allow you to reduce the levels of radon gas up to 99%!

Despite whether or not a radon gas mitigation system is deemed necessary, you will not know for certain without radon testing. Radon gas is invisible, and odorless, so the only way you may determine whether or not your home is infested is with a radon test. Fredericksburg residents need to know how radon enters their home in order to fully understand the mitigation process.

Radon gas forms from uranium breaking down in the soil. As uranium breaks down, radon gas is released, and may seep into your home through the foundation. Even if your Fredericksburg home is not built atop a large amount of uranium, you still have to be careful as your water supply may be surrounded by uranium. If this is the case radon gas may enter through the water supply of your home. Calling a professional is the first step you can take in your radon gas mitigation process. A professional at S.W.A.T. Environmental can provide you a free quote, and a plan of action. Call us today for a free quote.

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Fredericksburg, VA Air Quality Concerns

Indoor Air Quality in FredericksburgResidents of Fredericksburg, VA now have the threat of poor air quality to look at. Poor air quality can quickly diminish your health. It is important to take the proper precautions to eliminate these risks, or reduce them as much as possible. Every year three million die from poor air quality. The month of October is air quality awareness month, meaning that Fredericksburg, VA residents should take action educating themselves, and taking action to protect their home.

There are two categories in which air quality may be broken down into. The first category is indoor air quality. Indoor air quality is mostly concerned about radon gas, which is a silent killer known to cause lung cancer. Outdoor air quality has a multitude of pollutants that need to be monitored in order to fully understand their levels.

Outdoor Air Quality in Fredericksburg, VA

Outdoor air quality comes from many sources, but the EPA monitors particle pollution, carbon monoxide, ground level ozone, and sulfur dioxide. These four pollutants come from various sources, but the main sources include vehicle pollution, forest fires, burning of oil or coal, power plants, residential burnings, and many more. The EPA has totaled the overall risk of these four pollutants in a given area and given it a single number indicating the overall risk level for health effects caused by these pollutants.

The scale is commonly known as the air quality index and has a range from 0 to 500. Zero is the safest, and it increases to most risky with a level of 500. While the highest level you may ever see is three hundred, Fredericksburg residents need to be careful. The EPA has observed levels of 300 across the United States, and they indicate a health risk in which everyone exposed will experience some sort of health risk. As a matter of fact, anything above the level of fifty indicates a level in which some sort of health risk is involved.

Indoor Air Quality in Fredericksburg

The indoor air quality of Fredericksburg is the real concern. The indoor air quality can vary as radon gas may occur nearly anywhere. Radon gas forms from your soil, but may also be in your water supply, or even your building materials. Granite may be infected, and you have to realize that there is no standard procedure in place for testing granite for radon gas. Radon in the soil beneath your Fredericksburg home may infiltrate it by seeping up through the soil.

You need to take action this month. Do not be one of the 2 million each year that die because of poor indoor air quality. S.W.A.T. Environmental has the radon mitigation systems that work. We can install your mitigation system correctly, so that you may experience decreases in radon gas levels by as much as 99%. Take action for air quality awareness month, and call a professional today.

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Fredericksburg, VA Residents Need Radon Reduction

Inc. 5000 SWAT Environmental Radon Reduction Fredericksburg, VAThe nation is starting to recognize the health risks and concerns about radon gas which have already been proven to cause detrimental effects by the EPA. Now residents of Fredericksburg, and many other cities are citing these dangers as a reason to have a professional conduct radon reduction. S.W.A.T. Environmental has been awarded as one of the nation’s fastest growing companies of 2012 by Inc Magazine – one of the leading sources for all things business related. As the first radon reduction company to ever appear on this list, we understand that many citizens of Fredericksburg and others across the nation have heard the warnings, and did the right thing by calling a professional to install a radon reduction system.

By the numbers, we have installed over 10,000 radon reduction systems in 2011 alone, and we have seen a 3,000% growth over the last ten years. Over the past three years, we have had to hire sixty five employees just to keep up with heavy demand for radon reduction. You see, over twenty thousand people die each year because of radon gas, meaning that radon reduction does not have the publicity needed to eliminate this number, but major progress has been made. A radon reduction system may reduce your levels by 99% if installed properly, allowing you to breathe easy in your Fredericksburg, VA home.

Why Choose S.W.A.T. Environmental for Fredericksburg Radon Reduction

The first reason why so many others have already chosen S.W.A.T. Environmental for radon reduction is our true goal of wanting to help you and improve the safety of your home. In order to do this, we take the time to answer any questions you may have, and will walk you step by step through our process of radon reduction. Radon typically will form in your soil because of uranium breaking down beneath your foundation. This radon gas forms and may seep into your Fredericksburg home through your foundation. A common misconception is that only homes with basements are at risk, but this is not true at all. Nearly 8 million homes are estimated to have above acceptable levels of radon gas, meaning that there is a good probability that your Fredericksburg, VA home is affected.

Not only do we treat our customers of Fredericksburg with the respect you deserve, and take the time to inform you about this horrible gas, we have been in this industry since 1988. With over two decades of experience, we have seen nearly all types of cases of radon gas, and likewise come up with the least invasive methods of greatly reducing your radon levels throughout your Fredericksburg home. We have all the necessary certifications, and can provide the correct method of mitigation you need. Whether your home suction or just an air purification system, you will hardly notice your radon reduction system in your Fredericksburg home. See why America chose us as #1 and give your local Fredericksburg radon reduction company a call.

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Radon Testing is Needed for Fredericksburg Residents

Radon Testing Fredericksburg VirginiaAs a resident of Fredericksburg, Virginia, you may think that you do not have to worry about radon gas. Many southerners often assume that radon only affects northeast homes, and homes with basements, but this is a big myth that has been busted. Radon effects one out of every fifteen homes across the United States, and in some areas this percentage may even be greater. Radon testing is needed in order to determine whether or not your home has been invaded by this cancer causing gas.

You may not know this, but each year over 20,000 people die from radon gas in the form of lung cancer. This number exceeds the annual deaths by drunk driving. Some areas of Virginia have been shown to report averages of above normal levels of radon in their counties. Do not become just another poor statistic, schedule radon testing in your Fredericksburg, VA home today, and start living a healthier life.

Commercial Radon Testing in Fredericksburg

Many of us spend over forty hours at our work each and every week. This strenuous schedule can be tough, but what you may not have realized is how detrimental it may be to your health. If your office is seeping radon gas out, you may be putting yourself in line to be diagnosed with lung cancer. Commercial radon testing should be performed at your business or place of work to ensure that your levels are in the safe zone.

Fredericksburg Real Estate and Radon Testing

Often we find ourselves ensuring that we protect our largest investment, our home, with various testing and inspections. This is a very logical choice as you reduce your risk of a disaster happening to you or a loved one. Why not add radon testing to the list of your annual inspections? Did you know that your radon testing results are good for two to five years? This means that if your levels are in the safe zone, radon testing will not need to be conducted for at least two more years. Safeguard you health and investment with radon testing, or if you are selling your Fredericksburg home, increase the value and sell it faster with radon testing and mitigation as needed.

Information on Radon Testing

Now that you know the importance of radon testing, you need to know about the actual testing. Long term testing will take about three months to be completed, but will give you the most accurate results for your Fredericksburg home. Short term testing can be completed in as little as two days, but may take as long as nine days. If you are unaware of the last time your Fredericksburg home had radon testing, we recommend a short term test for the fastest results. if your levels are high, simply call S.W.A.T. Environmental for a free quote on an air purification system. Call a professional to conduct radon testing today.

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Radon in Fredericksburg, Virginia Water: Should You Be Concerned?

Radon in Water Fredericksburg Virginia
Radon is a dangerous gas that can be created in the soil, eventually reaching either open air or underground water supplies. It is a radioactive byproduct of decayed radium. Radon can be found in many of the wells that serve as the primary source of water for many residents of Fredericksburg, Virginia and the surrounding area. This mode of transmission is known as waterborne radon; exposure to high levels of radon in water supplies can be extremely harmful to your health. Since radon is odorless, tasteless and colorless, you may not even be aware that this dangerous gas is in your water and that you are giving it to your children and pets to drink and bathe in.

How can Waterborne Radon Affect my Health?

Because radon is a radioactive gas, extended exposure to radon — whether via inhaling or swallowing — can pose serious health problems. Health risks due to radon exposure can be quite serious, ranging from inflammatory bowel disease to stomach cancer to lung cancer. There is also speculation that radon exposure may be responsible for an increased risk of leukemia; additional studies are currently being performed to confirm this link.

Can I Deal with Radon in Water by Myself?

Many homeowners are under the false impression that radon can be removed through a faucet mounted or water pitcher filtration unit. Actually, radon can only be safely and effectively removed by a professional radon in water mitigation expert. Standard water filtration units are not designed to perform the necessary aeration process to remove radon. This aeration is accomplished by a specially designed system that sends air into the water supply to attach itself to the gas, remove it from the water and redirect it outdoors. This process should only be performed by a skilled, trained and certified professional radon in water mitigation specialist. Although it is possible to find kits to attempt to remove radon yourself, they cannot be relied on to remove this dangerous gas properly. Some of the possible reasons for this include improper installation, incorrect radon detection and flawed system applicability for your specific problem. If the process is not completed by a professional, you and your family members could still be at risk.

Why Should I Contact a Professional Waterborne Radon Mitigation Expert?

SWAT Environmental’s radon removal specialists in Fredericksburg, Virginia are not only professionally trained on how to test your home for radon, but also in various treatment methods for properly removing radon in water. The state of Virginia also requires that their knowledge be tested and certified through the National Radon Safety Board. These skilled professionals can assess your home and use the most effective possible methods of mitigating radon in each problem area. When the radon removal process is performed by one of these highly qualified specialists, you can be confident that over 99 percent of the radon will be removed from your water supply.

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The Impact of High Levels of Radon in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Fredericksburg Radon Abatement SystemRadon accumulation is a serious safety issue for many residents throughout Virginia, including in Fredericksburg. Radon is a very dangerous gas that is produced naturally in rocks and soil. Although radon is harmless in the open air, once it accumulates inside an enclosed space, it can potentially be deadly.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, all homeowners in the Fredericksburg area should have their homes checked regularly for radon contamination, no matter what the house’s age. If your house does prove to contain unsafe radon level, you should have SWAT Environmental install a radon abatement system as soon as possible to reduce the gas’s levels, ensuring that you and your family are kept safe.

Determining When Radon Abatement Is Necessary

Radon abatement begins with the testing of a particular house’s radon levels. This can be accomplished via either a long-term test or a short-term test. The short-term test is the most commonly used of the two; it requires collecting samples of the home’s air for between two days and two weeks. Long-term testing is the more accurate of the two, but it takes 90 days or longer. Although you can use a home radon test kit yourself if you wish, most people choose to have a professional test performed to ensure that it is completely accurate. Radon levels above four picocuries per liter of air are dangerous; it is at that point that radon abatement should begin.

Facts about Radon Abatement

Surface sealing, house pressurization and natural ventilation are all techniques that may be of assistance in reducing a home’s radon gas levels. In addition, many homes require a technique known as heat recovery ventilation, or HRV, which is designed to increase the flow of clean, outside air into the home, replacing the air that has been contaminated with radon gas. SWAT’s radon abatement experts will use a variety of strategies, depending on your home’s unique needs, to get the job done.

Of course, dealing with the potential for radon gas contamination in a home is not at the top of most people’s to-do list. It can seem far easier to simply ignore the possible problem than to worry about radon gas buildup. Considering the health impact of continued exposure, however, it is vital that more people be educated about the issue and take steps to confront it. The fact is, inhaling radon gas is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers, and the second most common cause in smokers. Many other health problems, especially those having to do with the respiratory system, can also arise due to extended exposure to radon gas. All that to say, do not take the possibility of radon gas buildup in your home lightly. Have your house tested regularly to monitory its radon levels, and if necessary, have SWAT Environmental install a radon abatement system to keep your family protected.