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Friday, July 27, 2012 @ 03:07 PM
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Radon in Fredericksburg, Virginia Water: Should You Be Concerned?

Radon in Water Fredericksburg Virginia
Radon is a dangerous gas that can be created in the soil, eventually reaching either open air or underground water supplies. It is a radioactive byproduct of decayed radium. Radon can be found in many of the wells that serve as the primary source of water for many residents of Fredericksburg, Virginia and the surrounding area. This mode of transmission is known as waterborne radon; exposure to high levels of radon in water supplies can be extremely harmful to your health. Since radon is odorless, tasteless and colorless, you may not even be aware that this dangerous gas is in your water and that you are giving it to your children and pets to drink and bathe in.

How can Waterborne Radon Affect my Health?

Because radon is a radioactive gas, extended exposure to radon — whether via inhaling or swallowing — can pose serious health problems. Health risks due to radon exposure can be quite serious, ranging from inflammatory bowel disease to stomach cancer to lung cancer. There is also speculation that radon exposure may be responsible for an increased risk of leukemia; additional studies are currently being performed to confirm this link.

Can I Deal with Radon in Water by Myself?

Many homeowners are under the false impression that radon can be removed through a faucet mounted or water pitcher filtration unit. Actually, radon can only be safely and effectively removed by a professional radon in water mitigation expert. Standard water filtration units are not designed to perform the necessary aeration process to remove radon. This aeration is accomplished by a specially designed system that sends air into the water supply to attach itself to the gas, remove it from the water and redirect it outdoors. This process should only be performed by a skilled, trained and certified professional radon in water mitigation specialist. Although it is possible to find kits to attempt to remove radon yourself, they cannot be relied on to remove this dangerous gas properly. Some of the possible reasons for this include improper installation, incorrect radon detection and flawed system applicability for your specific problem. If the process is not completed by a professional, you and your family members could still be at risk.

Why Should I Contact a Professional Waterborne Radon Mitigation Expert?

SWAT Environmental’s radon removal specialists in Fredericksburg, Virginia are not only professionally trained on how to test your home for radon, but also in various treatment methods for properly removing radon in water. The state of Virginia also requires that their knowledge be tested and certified through the National Radon Safety Board. These skilled professionals can assess your home and use the most effective possible methods of mitigating radon in each problem area. When the radon removal process is performed by one of these highly qualified specialists, you can be confident that over 99 percent of the radon will be removed from your water supply.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012 @ 01:07 PM
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The Impact of High Levels of Radon in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Fredericksburg Radon Abatement SystemRadon accumulation is a serious safety issue for many residents throughout Virginia, including in Fredericksburg. Radon is a very dangerous gas that is produced naturally in rocks and soil. Although radon is harmless in the open air, once it accumulates inside an enclosed space, it can potentially be deadly.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, all homeowners in the Fredericksburg area should have their homes checked regularly for radon contamination, no matter what the house’s age. If your house does prove to contain unsafe radon level, you should have SWAT Environmental install a radon abatement system as soon as possible to reduce the gas’s levels, ensuring that you and your family are kept safe.

Determining When Radon Abatement Is Necessary

Radon abatement begins with the testing of a particular house’s radon levels. This can be accomplished via either a long-term test or a short-term test. The short-term test is the most commonly used of the two; it requires collecting samples of the home’s air for between two days and two weeks. Long-term testing is the more accurate of the two, but it takes 90 days or longer. Although you can use a home radon test kit yourself if you wish, most people choose to have a professional test performed to ensure that it is completely accurate. Radon levels above four picocuries per liter of air are dangerous; it is at that point that radon abatement should begin.

Facts about Radon Abatement

Surface sealing, house pressurization and natural ventilation are all techniques that may be of assistance in reducing a home’s radon gas levels. In addition, many homes require a technique known as heat recovery ventilation, or HRV, which is designed to increase the flow of clean, outside air into the home, replacing the air that has been contaminated with radon gas. SWAT’s radon abatement experts will use a variety of strategies, depending on your home’s unique needs, to get the job done.

Of course, dealing with the potential for radon gas contamination in a home is not at the top of most people’s to-do list. It can seem far easier to simply ignore the possible problem than to worry about radon gas buildup. Considering the health impact of continued exposure, however, it is vital that more people be educated about the issue and take steps to confront it. The fact is, inhaling radon gas is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers, and the second most common cause in smokers. Many other health problems, especially those having to do with the respiratory system, can also arise due to extended exposure to radon gas. All that to say, do not take the possibility of radon gas buildup in your home lightly. Have your house tested regularly to monitory its radon levels, and if necessary, have SWAT Environmental install a radon abatement system to keep your family protected.